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Thu, 15 Sep 2005 19:48:29 GMT
Blog Search Index Size

Kevin Burton: It seems that Google Blogsearch only has about 8M posts. [cut] If you break it out to posts per day with an 8M document index size this is about 106k posts per day. This is 160% smaller than Technorati's current index rate. These numbers might be wrong though. I'm not sure if my 8M index size number is correct. I'm also not sure if Google is removing more duplicate posts or spam posts.

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I wonder how something can be "160% smaller" :-)
I'm sure he meant 60% smaller. 160/(160+100) ~ 60%. He used the wrong divisor.


Yeah.. you're right.. I used he wrong divisor.. ug.. I had about 30 seconds before finishing up this blog post before my ride wanted to leave... I thought something was fishy :)
Common mistake.


Type "339":
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