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Thu, 15 Sep 2005 17:33:47 GMT
Subscribers by User-Agent

It's time again for a list of top subscribing RSS clients to my FeedBurner hosted RSS feed.

  1. GreatNews
  2. Pluck IE
  3. My Yahoo!
  4. Bloglines
  5. Custom Reader Demo 
  6. NewsGator Online
  7. Rojo
  8. NetNewsWire
  9. Firefox
  10. R|mail
  11. FeedDemon
  12. RSS Bandit
  13. Google Desktop
  14. NewsGator Outlook

I cut-off the list today at minimum 10 subscribers. I should note that I redirected people who were on my old feed, to the new feed. This seems to have helped Bloglines, NewsGator and Rojo the most. Google Desktop dropped considerably, after starting in the 6 slot its launch week. In other words, a lot of people tried Google Desktop and have since stop using it.

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