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Wed, 14 Sep 2005 16:32:49 GMT
Google wins!

I've been playing with Google blog search all morning. Here's my evaluation.


Kicks ass! Technorati and the others have always struggled with response times that are not acceptable. Google blog search always responds sub-second.


Kicks ass! Technorati and the others often don't pick up links until the next day and Technorati sometimes a month later. Google blog search seems to pick up every link within one hour.


Kicks ass! Technorati and the others pick up less than 70% of the links each (and sometimes much less). Google blog search seems to pick up every link (100%).


Game over! There's still tag search where Technorati is the leader, but I suspect Google will have a tag search shortly that will kick ass. If Technorati want to hang onto that pie, then I suggest Dave Sifry get to work on making a tag search that is responsive, timely and has full coverage.

Update: A chink in the armor, Google has not report this link. Mind you, neither has anybody else. Google missed it because the RSS feed is partial content. Anybody want a new reason to publish full content feeds?

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I've been playing a bit with it too and comparing it to competitors like Technorati, Ice Rocket and BlogPulse (sort of review on my site)

I'm not as enthusiastic as you about Google, my choice still goes to Blogpulse at the moment :)

Timeliness good, but lack of a sort by date (that I can find) means that recent posts are often not as "relevant" as older ones and so appear lower down in the SERP.  The RSS saved search is in relevance order as well, which means (for now) I'll be sticking to Technorati.  Probably only a matter of time befire I siwtch though...  FWIW

There's a Sorb by Date in plain view (top right).


typo Sort by Date


Can't see for looking.  Google wins...

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