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Wed, 14 Sep 2005 11:24:43 GMT
Google does blog search

David Sifry: The blogosphere is abuzz with Google's launch of their Blog Search.

Randy: The giant rolled over. This is fast! It's backed up with both Atom and RSS feeds. Everybody else is dead.

Dave Winer: Speaking of Technorati, okay, Google's blog search isn't perfect, but now there's a benchmark to compare against. It sure performs well. [cut] Neither company is much-loved in the community these days, but in balance I trust Google more, which is pretty amazing, considering how small Technorati is. We knew the day would come when Technorati would have to compete with Google. They could have prepared much better for this day, imho.

Anil Dash: First, the new Blog Search works. All the basic functions you'd expect from Google search results are present, including ranking results by date or by relevance. (Interestingly, the default is by relevance, like other Google searches, instead of by date, which is the default for most blog displays.) But more importantly, the advanced search offers powerful functionality such as searching by date ranges and limiting to individual blog authors, in addition to features like searching for words in a blog post title or by language, which have been deployed in the past on other services.

Blogfresh: So some of the "zippy, side-scrolling goodness wasn't working too well for me in Firefox this morning, but that's OK. Here's another search tool for us to enjoy.  There's a pretty darn groovy feature I wanted to highlight. When your search results (for a keyword, say) display a post that has inbound links, you'll see a "references" link next to the name of the author, & you can jump straight to the cosmos for that post.  How long 'til supported tagging? Soon, I think?.....

Jason Calacanis: When Google puts blog search on the home page traffic to blogs—all blogs—will double or triple. In the case of smaller blogs it might grow 100x.

Randy: Missing in the advanced search is an inbound link search. I wanna know who's linking to me. Although it's not in the Advanced Search options seems to work.

One thing I don't like is the browser-friendly formatting of their Atom and RSS feeds. That's ugly.


Update: How many people have linked to me today? Same in RSS. Too cool!

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