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Wed, 07 Sep 2005 01:27:01 GMT

Island Dave: is a barebone product at current (it just launched days ago), and honestly, I'm not completely clear on what it does. I've used both the blog pointer mentioned here, and gotten it to return 1s and 0s a few times, as well as the bookmarklet, and gotten fairly accurate reads on the site's I've reported.

Randy: And they have a blog. Subscribed.


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I have given it a go and it seems to be incorrectly reporting my blog and serveral others that I read as splog's, I will drop a note on the blog for them to check this out.

Yes, this was something I was afraid of. Since anybody could report a splog, it was very likely that sploggers would begin reporting random blogs to polute the database.


I guess the services will need to be very careful as there has been lots of issues with the IP black list for email spam over the years.  I also noticed that IceRocket has banned all blogger blogs, an interesting approach.

Antisplog isn't based on "reporting" to make the difference between a splog and a normal blog, but it detect a splog based on its behaviour.

That's why you could see some normal blogs detected as splogs, but its being optimized to make the results more accurate.


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