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Tue, 30 Aug 2005 12:42:40 GMT
Ping-o-matic Alternatives

Mitcher Keeler: I used to love using ping-o-matic to ping all the different blog directories and services out there. The last few months it never does seem to work for me though. [cut] I'm going to try each one of these out and see which one works the best for me.

Randy: And don't forget Blogomatic.

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This is a lousy, very bad recommendation!

My blog which is valid, very readable, and not a spam has been block by one of the robot because I use the recommended tool.

Now I am unable to post plus my blog will be deleted in 10 days.

I am considering taking legal action against you!
Meh. It'll never happen.
Does ping-o-matic have docs to use it?
All these people that defend it have gambling problems or they have got lucky
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