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Mon, 29 Aug 2005 04:49:49 GMT
Blogspot SPAM
Basically, if I get a referrer these days from, then I know it's blog SPAM. Recently, Steve Jenson commented on my blog, if he sees this, then do something about the blog SPAM on Please!
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Good point. It's pretty clear that the smog (or splogs) are mostly based in Blogger and Xanga, the most popular free blogging platforms. Considering that Google is the one who suffers most from a) a bad rep for blogger, b) irrelevant natural search results in Google from these fake blogs and c) money wasted in AdSense revenue and presumably angry customers (since most of these are created for AdSense $) -- you'd think they'd take the lead in policing.

Ah, the responsibilities that come with world domination....



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