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Wed, 17 Aug 2005 16:57:32 GMT
LinkRank is back!

I haven't seen an announcement anywhere (must have missed it), but I just checked out my PubSub site stats and there it is. Yesterday, my domain was ranked in the upper 1% (426 overall) and my monthly low was 23rd on July 23rd. Congrats to the PubSub team for bringing us some more blogosphere goodness!

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I'm glad you seem to like what we've done. Please be aware, however, that we've still got lots more to do and we're very, very interested in getting comments from folk.

I'm particularly interested in knowing if these numbers are actually *useful* to you -- rather than just being a potential ego boost (or bust...). For instance, we've had people how have looked at their history of InLinks and been able to see a correlation between the number of InLinks they get and the kind of content they post. The claim is that you should be able to use the tracking to learn from your past and improve the posting you do. When you look at the trends for your own blog, do you see such useful data? If not, what could we do to make it more useful to you?

bob wyman


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