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Wed, 17 Aug 2005 15:14:43 GMT
IceRocket bans KBCafe

Just a final note on IceRocket (herein referred to as them), I got an email from them yesterday telling me that I'm no longer welcome to meta-aggregate their RSS feeds, partly because of a blog entry I wrote yesterday. As such, I've removed them entirely from kbcafe search. I also removed them from Blogomatic, which pings search engines on behalf of countless blogs. I also noted, that I've been mentionning them about 2 times per day these last few weeks and have 1500+ RSS readers, 1000+ Web readers. That's 5000 free text ads impressions per day. 410 Gone.

Update: Blake Rhodes called me today and we are gonna work out a working relationship. I hope! Thanks Blake!

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Wow.  Thats harsh... I didn't see anything wrong with your post from yesterday...

Were you paying them any money? If you were stealing results for free, they should have banned you. Why would anyone give out their search for free, it doesn't make sense.


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