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Tue, 16 Aug 2005 03:39:29 GMT
A splog here, a splog there

Mark Cuban: Whats a splog ? A splog is any blog whose creator doesnt add any written value.


Randy: I guess most linkblogs also qualify as splogs. I don't think Mark gets it, but it's good to see someone with visibility talking up the issue of blog SPAM.

Mark Cuban: If blogging is supposed to be a personal medium, I dont know why we cant use an email confirmation for blog posts.  We do it for comments to keep out comment spam. Why not do it for blog posts?

Randy: Let me get this straight. When I ping IceRocket, I'm gonna get an email with a link that I need to click to validate the ping. At which point, most of us will stop pinging IceRocket. I'm sure Sifry (the competition) likes this idea!


Update: It would seem our friend Mark Cuban, wasn't impressed with this post. IceRocket informed me that I'm no longer welcome to meta-aggregate their feeds, quoting the above as final reason.

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I'm glad to see that blog SPAM is finally being addressed by someone like Cuban but I don't think validating pings is going to make anyone happy [except Sifry and the Technorati gang].  I know I wouldn't bother pinging Ice Rocket if I had to make a production out of pinging them, checking my email and then validating the email.  Why don't we just take 2 steps back in time?  But that's just my 2 cents. 

I got an email from IceRocket yesterday, where they asked me to remove them.

I currently aggregate Feedster, BlogPulse, MSN, Yahoo, blogWatcher, Hotjobs, SimplyHired, Technorati, Amazon, Koders and Indeed. I think that list is complete, but it changes daily as I bring searches online and offline.

Nobody else has banned me.


I believe "spam that pollutes the blogosphere" should be referred to as "SMOG"

Jim Parham (Swing Trader/Creative Thinker)
Yuba City, CA 95993

I love that!


Would there be spam that doesn't pollute the blogosphere? ;)

I can see you.


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