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Mon, 15 Aug 2005 17:13:45 GMT
Technorati Update: It just doesn't work

Mark Evans (Aug 8th): Technorati Update: It works, it really works - After some prodding, Blogware has indeed fixed its "issue" with Technorati so my posts are now being properly spidered and appear in Technorati search results.

Randy (Aug 8th) in Marks' comments: I've heard this one before. I've even been on the phone with Sifry and crew a few times trying to resolve the problems. They were able to fix my problems temporarily. A week or two later and I was back at square one. Report back in two weeks.

Mark Evans (Aug 14th): Odd Technorati Data - My Technorati profile has suddenly gone from 131 links from 101 sources to 30 links from four sources. Seems strange to have fallen out of favor so dramatically. Anyone else running into this situation?

Randy: Where does it end? Can anybody create a blogosphere search engine that actually works?

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  • Index at least half of the available blogosphere.
  • Doesn't break hourly.

I'd love to do my own. Wait!


Aug 15th: Have the same profile problem at Freshblog, though less dramatic. Have dropped 6,000 in the rankings overnight & lost 10 or so links. Maybe they genuinely went away, or maybe there's a re-indexing thing happening over there?

Who knows!!

Half of the available blogosphere = 35+ million blogs right now. I don't think any of the current services index one quarter yet. Obviously, I'd want everything indexed, but that's a lot to ask for. On the other hand, these blogosphere search engines are all well funded, so we should be asking a lot.


Other then not indexing, dropping links, has anyone experienced one of these:
 - tags get associated with the body of the next post in the blog
 - blog post gets associated with the title of the previous post

I've also experienced both of the above.


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