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Tue, 09 Aug 2005 19:35:41 GMT
State of the Blogosphere: Spam and Fake Blogs

David Sifry: Today I will write about some of the darker sides of the blogosphere, including the increase in spam and fake blogs, comment and trackback spam. [cut] Spam blogs are blogs that are created in order to influence results on a search engine by filling the results with spam or fake postings. [cut] Fake Blogs are [cut] actually automated creatures created by programs usually in order to get highly targetting Adsense advertising, or in some cases are built to be become a portal for affiliate systems like the Amazon Associates program. [cut] Modern blogging systems allow for comments and trackbacks as ways of allowing readers or other bloggers to easily add their thoughts and comments to a post. Unfortunately, some spammers have been abusing these systems as well.

Randy: Sifry writes about the darker side of the blogosphere. I like that. Great article, by the way. It's good to see a community leader talking about our biggest problems; blog spam and comment spam.

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