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Fri, 05 Aug 2005 15:52:39 GMT
It's about Finding New Links

More and more, I see people reporting how many total links Technorati, IceRocket, PubSub and BlogPulse have found that point to their blog. These numbers are utterly meaningless. The important number is how many new links you are finding with these tools. Technorati, for instance, is always finding 2 month old links for me. That's just great! PubSub, on the other hand, is great at finding false positive links. BlogPulse is really good at finding links from and to my own blog. And they are all counting a lot of duplicates when those numbers are tallied. I've decided, a new experiment is in order. I'm gonna write down how I find new links. So, please link to this article, so I can write them down ;-) 

List of finds

  1. on IceRocket, KBCafe, PubSub (late), BlogPulse (late)
  2. on Bloglines, PubSub (late), IceRocket (late)
  3. on Bloglines, BlogPulse (late), KBCafe (late)
  4. on Bloglines, IceRocket (late), KBCafe (late), PubSub (late), BlogPulse (late)
  5. on Bloglines
  6. on Bloglines, PubSub (late)
  7. on Bloglines, PubSub, IceRocket, BlogPulse, KBCafe (late)
  8. on Bloglines, IceRocket (late), KBCafe (late)
  9. on Bloglines, IceRocket, KBCafe, Technorati (late), PubSub (late)
  10. on Bloglines, PubSub, BlogPulse, KBCafe
  11. on Bloglines
  12. on Bloglines, PubSub, BlogPulse, KBCafe (late)
  13. on PubSub, IceRocket, BlogPulse, KBCafe (late)
  14. on PubSub
  15. on IceRocket, KBCafe (late)
  16. on IceRocket, BlogPulse, Technorati, KBCafe (late)
  17. on Bloglines, Technorati (late)


  1. Bloglines - 12 finds
  2. KBCafe - 11 finds (8 late find)
  3. PubSub - 10 finds (5 late finds)
  4. IceRocket - 9 find (3 late finds)
  5. BlogPulse - 8 finds (3 late finds)
  6. Technorati - 3 finds (2 late find) 
  7. Feedster - 0


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The four items on your list of finds thus far all link to your blog, not to the post itself.  False positives?  Is your experiment to track new links to your blog as of the time of posting, or to track links to the post?

Natalie Glance

lazytom, you can posts the links here, they shouldn't affect the results.

Natalie, I'm tracking all new links to my Website, not this blog, nor this post. This will give us the greatest numbers of results, which should increase accuracy.


Randy - that link doesn't actually point to this page (it doesn't even talk about this page). Just thought I'd point that out, since I don't know if you speak German ...

Many of the Webpages don't talk about this page, that was part of the point. This is not a numbers game, where I'm counting how many links point to this blog entry. That kind of information, as I stated, is uber-meaningless. I'm tracking how I find new links to my domain [], no matter what page they point to. The page you mention, points to my OPML validator and that is why it is counted.


I sure wish people were looking at Blogdigger, I think that's great.  Further, have you pinged all these services?  Does your blog software do that automatically?  Lots of factors to consider.

Sorry, no Blogdigger. Should've. Could've. I actually have an agreement with them too. Stupid me. Lot's of factors. Agreed. But I do ping both Technorati and Feedster and this has pretty much determined that they are no longer performing.


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