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Wed, 03 Aug 2005 04:52:00 GMT
The P in OPML

Tonight, I attended the Toronto OPML editor roadshow. Attending the roadshow was Dave Winer, Calvin Ouyang (a good friend), Albert (x-boss and good friend), Joey de Villa (was-OC) and many other great people (sorry I can't name y'all). This was the first time I met Dave. Our introduction went like this (not exact words).

Dave: Are you Randy?
Randy: Yes.
Dave: Thanks for not bringing up the RSS/Atom format thing.

I think Dave was truly afraid that I might do the format flame war thing. Dave, I appreciate the thanks, but I'm gonna do you worse. I'm gonna tell everybody your secret formula.

Dave Winer has Passion.

I don't know how many times Albert and I have discussed how important passion is in creation. For all you David-Winer-wannabees out there, I've told you his secret before and I'm telling you again.

OPML is the next podcast/RSS/SOAP/XML-RPC thing and MetaWeblogAPI might be on the coat tails.

<flame>USM rules!</flame>

By the way, Murphy willing, I should be on Dave's next podcast. A new forum, where I can make an ass of myself </BOGU> ;-) 

Notes (no exact quotes):

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Agreed.  Dave has passion.  I have no doubt think many would think the same of you Randy.

BTW: thanks for blogging my full name, so much for staying under the radar.  I think this is the first time my full name has come up on techorati. ;)

It was cool to catch up again.  Thanks for returning my keys. ;)

That's easily changed.


hah... i didn't mind, i was actually just joking about it. =)

as a semi-non-blogger, its funny to see your name on a blog.

keep up your crazy blogging =)

Maybe, since you saw the presentation, you can make me understand what blogging in OPML gets you, besides ridiculously invalid HTML (the current backend seems to set neither a doctype, nor a character encoding.)

Dave describes blogging with the OPML editor as a power user function. Basically, he creates categories and can route the blog posts to categories to post them on one of his many blogs. As per invalid HTML, doctype, encoding, it's an early prototype, not a completed product and yet he has about the same amount of validation errors as Google's homepage.


If you're looking for a killer app, then you are right, it's not there. He's developing a platform.


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