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Wed, 27 Jul 2005 16:35:56 GMT
Stop it with the Angled Brackets Already!!!

Dave points us to MSNBC's new podcast. <rant>This is the stupidest implementation of XML that I've ever seen. When you click on the podcast icons on MSNBC, they render some beautiful angled brackets into my browser. Some techie at MSNBC should be fired. Could you guys stop rendering angled brackets in my browser? Sure, I could cut and paste the URLs between the angled brackets into the address bar, but do you really think the average user is gonna figure this one out? Let me suggest an alternative. Change the Content-Type of the XML file from text/xml to application/rss+xml. Now a podcasting agent should be able to pick it up. Also, always provide a Play button on the left (more pronounced than the podcast button) for the 99.9% of the Web that doesn't have a podcatcher installed.</rant>

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