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Wed, 27 Jul 2005 03:34:11 GMT
Freshness Search

Of late, we've all been Technorati bashing, because they are no longer producing consistent results. We're looking at BlogPulse and IceRocket and Feedster and they all have their own problems. No solution. What about Google link searches? No, they are weighted by relevance, not freshness. Since we're looking for new links to our blogs, relevance is no longer really useful. What about MSN link searches? By default MSN link searches report results by three criteria, one of which is freshness. I wonder if Scoble knows you can set these criteria and search exclusively by freshness. You can. By the way, I just added BlogPulse and MSN to kbcafe link searches. The results are actually disappointing, so I'm not gonna make a big deal about it. BlogPulse is experience increasingly longer response times and MSN is not reporting enough timely results. I also found the MSN Search Builder was broken in IE (works in Firefox). In the meanwhile, Yahoo! says they will be the solution. Can't wait.

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