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Fri, 22 Jul 2005 15:25:53 GMT
Blogosphere Search Wars

So, I wrote a pretty interesting article yesterday that got picked up by a dozen or so blogs. This gives me the chance to find out just how many links each of the major search engines were capable of finding.

  1. Technorati got 7
  2. Bloglines got 9 (removing duplicates only 6)
  3. IceRocket got 5
  4. Feedster got 3 (removing duplicates only 2)

Hmmm! It would seem, at first glance that Technorati is winning the war. But, I don't have time to check every permalink of my blog. I should be able to just give the blog homepage URL and get all the incoming links. In fact, Technorati use to do this, but for some reason, no longer does. Now, let's re-examine using the blog homepage and counting only results for the specific article.

  1. Bloglines got 9 (some duplicates)
  2. IceRocket got 4
  3. Technorati got 0
  4. Feedster got 0

Further, both IceRocket and Feedster provide their results as an RSS feed. You can also get the link results of Technorati as RSS, but only if you register and create the feeds individually. To get the results as RSS, you have to create a new feed with Technorati for each permalink. That's too much work to be useful.

Last, none of the search engines picked up even half of the in-coming links. I think it's about time, I introduced link search to kbcafe search (Feedster and IceRocket only).

Note: Results are not accurate, because they change with time. Feel free to update the counts with your own interpretation in the comments.

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