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Wed, 20 Jul 2005 18:49:05 GMT
Atom 0.3 Denouement

Sam Ruby: As much as I appreciate Longhorn’s support, I really would appreciate it they did not include Atom 0.3 support. [cut] In early August, I plan to have the Feed Validator start issuing warnings whenever it encounters an Atom 0.3 feed. [cut] Possibly as early as October, and certainly no later than the end of the year, these warnings will be converted over to errors.

Randy: This is a good idea, since Atom 1.0 is not backwards compatible with Atom 0.3. Of course, it would have been more convenient if it were backwards compatible, but c'est la vie. I'm personally gonna watch the adoption before I make any concrete decision with respect to R|mail, Juice and my other RSS agents.

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I have to wonder about Blogger. Judging by the previous slowness to market, they'll be serving 0.3 into 2006.


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