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Wed, 20 Jul 2005 15:48:17 GMT
A-List Linking
More and more, bloggers are talking about the A-List circular linking. Winer links to Scoble, then Pirillo links to Winer's post on Scoble, then Rubel links to Pirillo's link to Scoble's link to Winer and finally Winer link's to Rubel's link to Pirillo's link to Scoble's link to Winer. In the end, they all get a bunch of Google juice from linking to each other and everybody is happy or at least four of us are happy. There's no sense complaining, this is simply common sense and good marketing. The problem is that the many of us link to the a-listers like mad in hope that they'll just link to us once in a blue moon and boost our Google karma. They get 10 links for every link they give you, sometimes more. I admit, I link to those four quite often myself and rarely get a link back. Let's break this cycle and here's my plan. I have a pretty good Google PageRank (6). Anybody that links to me, gets a return kiss in double (assuming you're not a SPAMmer, you are a real blogger, you have a reasonable blog entry that I can link to and you didn't NOFOLLOW the link to my Website).
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