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Wed, 13 Jul 2005 20:15:51 GMT
Pubsub is Broken!

Geek News Central: I am not sure what is going on over at PubSub but I have not received any updates for 3 days on over 100 search terms. Hey Pubsub is your service broken?

Randy: The blogosphere search engines seem to be falling apart as the blogosphere traffic begins to surge. I've noticed a 200% increase in traffic week-over-week at kbcafe search.

Update: I'm also noticing that PubSub LinkStats has reported 3 indexed entries over the last two weeks. I've surely written over 100 blog entries in that time, probably more.

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Hi Randy,

I finally spotted this phenomenon then our team sort of figured out the reasons behind it and we think so far the system is back to where it was before. We are not 100% certain the whole problem is gone since there are multiple factors. But as long as people pointed out what was wrong and the clear instructions to reproduce it, we will solve them on our very long to do list.

Can you guys get new items from your existing subscriptions from this afternoon?

Please let us know.

I'll keep you updated. To-date, I've got nothing indexed in the last week.


Hi Randy

Mark Wagner here at Pubsub.  I checked our database and we are getting timeouts when trying to read the feeds from I don't mean to imply that the site can not be found.  It is clearly an issue on "our" end.

In order to read the many feeds that we have, we have set a fairly short time window in which a site can respond before we move onto the next site in the list.

We are devoted to make our services better and will be looking into this issue. If you have further questions or feedback, you can also contact me via .

-mark wagner
PubSub Concepts, Inc
Thanks Mark. FYI, most of my feeds are served via FeedBurner and the feeds located on my site are static XML. Thanks again,


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