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Wed, 13 Jul 2005 18:08:43 GMT
IceRocket on kbcafe

Jeremy Wright: So, what is the real alternative to Technorati? IceRocket.

Randy @ 12:17 PM: Unfortunately, unlike Feedster and Blogpulse, Ice Rocket does not allow for adhoc RSS queries. This makes it impossible to build applications on top of their APIs, like we did with Technorati. For instance, the kbcafe search engine [] is built entirely on adhoc APIs, but I’m not able to add Ice Rocket because of this severe limitation.

Blake @ 1:06 PM: We’ve taken care of your issue.

Randy @ 1:17 PM: added to kbcafe search.

Randy: The blogosphere moves fast. KBCafe search now has IceRocket Web, Blog and News search.

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