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Tue, 12 Jul 2005 14:23:11 GMT
Technorati Slow and Crap

Jeremy Wright: Technorati used to brag about posts being in the index in 7 minutes. If the time difference was nearly 60 times slower than it used to be. [cut] Technorati’s index is both slow, and it’s crap. [cut] inaccurate. It’s lucky if it shows 10% of the results that PubSub, Bloglines and Blogpulse show. It’s also a SLOW site. Response times of 1 minute aren’t uncommon, and even then results sometimes simply aren’t shown. [cut] They’ve failed the blogosphere. It’s time to own up to that, ask for help, and get people who actually know how to do this stuff in to help them out

Randy: About two years ago, I was in contact with David Sifry and Kevin Marks and tried to convince them that their approach was flawed, would not scale and offered them a better approach. They didn't believe me and stuck to their guns. I now have mixed emotions, partly glad that my predicted dire came true and partly sad that they are beyond screwed.

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LAMP is great for displaying Webpages (Slashdot, Amazon, etc), but isn't a good fit for indexing billions of links across 10 million blogs.


You telling me they use PHP, Perl or Python to index their pages?


I don't have a problem with Linux, Apache, MySQL or PHP (Perl or Python). They are great together as LAMP framework for creating things. VB was great too! And ASPX is great. But I wouldn't box myself into thinking any of these could index 10 million+ blogs every 60 minutes.



Thanks for the interesting thoughts and feedback. Sorry that things haven't been working very well for you of late. Listening to your users is a hard discipline to get used to, but boy is it great. And it has helped us to understand ourselves better, as well as more deeply understand what you and our other users want.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and went to work. We just rolled out a bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements, please do go and have a look at the site and try out some searches. Not everything is consistently fast, and there are still some searches that time out, but things should be significantly better than before...

And we're going to continue to work and improve and focus on being of service to you and our other fantastic users.

I'm so blind.


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