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Wed, 06 Jul 2005 12:33:48 GMT
Try Google!

Yesterday, a co-worker approached me and said, "How do you find anything on MSDN?" Hint: the MSDN search engine really sucks. I told him, I use Google to search MSDN. I asked him for a class name, he said Random, I typed System.Random and bingo, the first page on Google was the class description on MSDN. Someday, somebody is going to ask me "How do you find anything in the blogosphere?" Here's a test. Think of your favorite blog entry of all time, but don't navigate to the page. Now, try to find it with Technorati or Feedster. And again with Google. I'm wondering if anybody can complete with Google? What about everybody? I admit, there's still niches where Technorati and Feedster can exist, but I have to wonder how quickly Google can cover those niches? And I wonder how much better they'll be?

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