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Wed, 06 Jul 2005 01:57:52 GMT
Typepad RDF Weirdness

During the last few months while I've been developing R|mail, I've noticed and many of my users have noticed that R|mail sends redundant blog posts for Typepad blogs. I figured this was a bug in R|mail and over the last week I set out to uncover the bug. Here's what I discovered, by logging the Typepad RDF once per hour. Every once in awhile, Typepad drops posts from their RDF feeds. For example, if a feed has three items A, B and C, A being the last item, then once in awhile, I get only B and C. I've even seen cases where both A and B are dropped and I only get C. The dropped posts seem to be the last or latest ones. This seems to occur more often for blogs that receive a lot of comments. Has anybody else witnessed this weirdness? Can anybody explain it? Is this possibly an RDFism?

Update: Since I'm not a registered Typepad user, I can't submit this to them as a support request. If you are a registered Typepad user, then you can copy and paste this into a new support request and keep us updated on their responses ;-) 

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Hi Randy, I haven't heard any reports of anything like this with our feeds, and since they're static files, I think it's very unlikely they'd be reporting different contents on successive attempts at retrieval. If you can email me (anil at sixapart dot com) maybe we can track this down.
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