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Mon, 04 Jul 2005 20:35:54 GMT
Blogging 2.0

Fred Wilson: Take Weblogs Inc for example.  Everyone knows Jason Calacanis and he certainly is a controversial figure.  But how can you not be impressed with what he's built on a Blogging 2.0 platform in less than two years.

Randy: Although Weblogs Inc. has done well, I wonder if a business model of having more ads on a Webpage than content can actually succeed. I myself read therssweblog, but with each new day I find more ads on the site, more ads embedded in the content and more content that is really just ads. This is very similar to the model, which seems to play well for the mundane Internet user who doesn't seem to mind clicking on ads all day and obviously it works, just ask the NYTimes. So long as enough A-list bloggers keep linking to his blogs, he'll be fine.

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Dang, I hate it when I double sig.


The authors must be on vacation ;-) 


We're shutting down some of the smaller niche blogs or consolidating them into bigger ones. So the best of WIN post is an issue on those.

However, "Best of WIN" isn't an advertisement... it's a post which showcases the best stories in our network of sites. It's promotional perhaps, but not an advertisement. All ads are clearly labeled as ads.

Best of WIN has been great for our blogs... we're getting people introduced to content by bloggers they've never heard about every's amazing. Especially for our smaller, niche blogs that are building an audience.

best j
Congrats Jason on your Adsense successes. Hope to join you someday.


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