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Fri, 01 Jul 2005 03:35:20 GMT
Apple Embraces and Extends RSS

Dare Obasanjo: This sounds interesting. So now developers of RSS readers that want to consume podcasts have to know how to consume the RSS 2.0 <enclosure> element, Yahoo!'s extensions to RSS and Apple's extensions to RSS to make sure they cover all the bases. Similarly publishers of podcasts also have to figure out which ones they want to publish as well.

Randy: I find this weird coming from a M$FT employee only a couple days after M$FT released there own RSS extension. Everybody else's RSS extensions are bad, but Microsoft's are OK? Why?

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Disagree, MS's <group> is nothing more than funky <category> and iTunes could easily have used the <category domain='iTunes'>News</category> instead of <itunes:category>.


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