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Mon, 27 Jun 2005 15:59:38 GMT
Surround Isolate and Replace

Rick Segal: In the past, you wouldn't have seen support for "pure" RSS. Not on my watch, boyz. Nope, what you would have seen is yours truly hawking something along the lines of SIR (Surround Isolate and Replace) Technology or RSS+. [cut] Dave Winer (and others) would have screamed bloody murder about Microsoft co-opting a standard and screwing it up and I would have droned on about making life better for developers slaving away in garages around the world.

Dave Winer: This strikes me as exactly what Technorati was trying to do with OPML, and if it's ridiculous for a gorilla like Microsoft, it's pathetic for a gnat like Technorati.

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