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Fri, 24 Jun 2005 20:56:02 GMT
Bloglines Burn-out

Tony Morgan: It appears that something's not working either at Bloglines or with Feedburner. Bloglines has not updated since Sunday for people that have subscribed to my Feedburner feed.

Later: I'm pretty impressed with the FeedBurner folks. I posted a message on their support and discussion forums and had a reply in about an hour [cut]. The Bloglines folks acknowledged the problem was on their end and indicated they hoped to have the problem corrected shortly.

Randy: Gotta love those FeedBurner folk. Read more about the FeedBurner/Bloglines black-out here.

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The Bloglines issue that causes it to stop reading FeedBurner feeds persists as of late November, 2005.  If you notice a feed (your own feed, or one you're reading) not updating, contact Bloglines support and ask them to "sync the [problematic] feed.
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