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Fri, 24 Jun 2005 17:56:28 GMT
Longhorn (heart) RSS

Channel9: Today Microsoft announced the addition of several new RSS features in the next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn.



Randy: 27 minutes into the video, it gets interesting with the demo of IE7 on Longhorn. M$FT has implemented a common feed list with a full set of APIs, that all applications can re-use. You can subscribe to feeds, very similar to Firefox, but the feedlist is synchronized across all applications. It also automatically downloads the feeds and the enclosures, which I assume is also made available to other applications. M$FT is introduce new RSS elements for lists. This seems weird. Feed is a superset of list. I think M$FT missed that one.

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I would "Get a Mac", but I develop software for Windows, the computer 94% of the planet uses ;-)  I even tried once to installer VS.NET on a Mac, but I couldn't seem to pull it off. It's not "Get a Mac" or "Get Windows", it's "Get Intel" and Apple finally "Got it!" I see a Mac in my future.




huh?  you'll use a mac if it's intel inside?  wtf?
OK, I admit, I was getting carried away. I'll only use a Mac if someone pays me more money than they currently pay me to use a PC.


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