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Sun, 19 Jun 2005 16:53:50 GMT
Liferea = DoS

Twice this month, I've been hit by massive DoS attacks from Liferea. Last time, I was hit for 60k+ hits, this time for 100k+ hits. The attack originated from I assume this is a bug in the Liferea RSS reader. If you use Liferea to read this blog, then please consider switching RSS readers. Try Pluck for Firefox

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Hi! I'm developing Liferea, I'm worried about the behaviour you described. If you want please mail me some information about the problem (server log examples). My mail address: lars.lindner [at]
Lars, thanks for your attention. I don't really have anything other than what I've already said. It's from the two IP addresses mentionned and they use the Liferea User-Agent. I don't save per request logs, just summaries.


One other thing, the User-Agent is more specifically



Do you know what URL is accessed?

Hmmm... yesterday I got a second report of this behaviour. Many hundred accesses from one IP within a few seconds. But I must admit I still have no clue what causes it.
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