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Wed, 08 Jun 2005 02:03:30 GMT
FeedDemon in Hall of Fame

TechWeb Pipeline: The reason FeedDemon is the best is actually not one reason at all, but a million small reasons.

Randy: TechWeb Pipeline puts FeedDemon into their Software Hall of Fame along side Gmail (totally agree), X1, Movable Type, Mac OS X, ICQ, Dreamweaver, Ecco Pro and Eudora. The mention of Eudora clearly make this a personal hall of fame, nothing more. I mean, is there more than a handful of Eudora users left? One of those, an x-cow-orker of mine, we had no end of trouble getting our alerts to look decent in their viewer. A waste of time. Gmail or Yahoo Mail! or you are losing.

Congrats Nick!

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