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Mon, 06 Jun 2005 01:32:47 GMT

ipodder-dev and PSWG are deciding between application/podcast+rss+xml, application/rss+xml or other as their preferred Content-Type. I think the argument for not re-using application/rss+xml is that you can register two applications; one for podcasting and one for RSS reading.

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Is this really a new file type?  even a specific version of a file type?

I'm getting the impression that application/podcast+xml is being used more as a "signal" that the RSS file should go to the podcast application rather than the feed reader application.  Webby-wise, that seems to be in the same category as feed://.  Would we need a corresponding application/podcast+atom+xml?

It would seem the correct approach would be to have the client allow the feed to be "routed" to the correct app.  For clients that use toolbar buttons, the "Add to podcast" button would light up if the feed has podcast info.  For clients that have context menus, a new item for "send to podapp".  Seems like a great opportunity for a generic feed routing client...  ;-)
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