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Sun, 05 Jun 2005 22:26:21 GMT
Emo Blog

I've been playing with Emo Blog a bit. Emo Blog is another powerful blogging platform. The templates are not that great, but you can edit the HTML and do what you want. My test blog is located here [http://www.emoblog.com/randymorin]. It does lack remote posting capability; no MetaWeblogApi and no email.


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im gunna kill all emos haha
sure you do that
im gonna kill my god which is me so ill kill myself slowly bye bye yeah u do that



Ummmmm... u guy or gurls can suck ass beause emo people are no difrent than u and ur the reson people go crazy cuz u critasize cultures and im sure half of u want to be emo u can change from the most perfect person to an emo kid like that just like the way i did


hey... maybe you guy's should try being emo one day ull enjoy the pain as you slowly bleed from cuttting your rist's

signed.Queenof EMO


u guys r weird....
emo rockkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!

hi dod


fuck that emo kids are not like us they are emotional peices of shit that try to kill them selfs and dont succeed at it they think the world hates them and they have such depressing lifes fuck that try growing up in the gutter and then you can say your life is bad come to my house ill kill ya if you cant do it your self
hey you bunch of pansey ass cocksuckers you emos are just a unch of whiny shits oh the world hates me oh everyone hates me well maybe if you didn't wear girl pants and sit in the corner suckin dick all day you'd be um....NORMAL bunch a whiney asses just kill yourselfs aready and quit bitchin bout everythin buch a queers

Dont make fun of emos.......their people just like everyone else.............im one too and i take it very offensively when others make fun of the way I am....................you're just making fun of us becuz u dont want to admit to your own flaws..........................we're very emotional people and just becuz we feel our lives are terrible does not give you the right to mess with it...................just leave it alone and stop making fun of us.................................................Im tired of it and wont stand for it any more...

Im sorry but I just agree here.........emo people arent the greatest but we shouldnt be fucking with them the way we do it is like so wrong...


Guys dont diss out emo people.....They are the same as every one else...Human..


You guys that bagg em out need to take a step back and check out what your life looks like and then step back and just for 10 minutes think about what possibly could be happening in a "Emo's" life. Honestly people who judge them have know idea what is happeneing with them! So just Cool It with the judging!

faggot emo pussies i'd like to beat all your asses you whiney little shits you all need to just commit suicide and quit cryin bout the world bitches 

 Im sorry, but Emo people are... a sign that human kind is failing and with the increase in population of this emo culture it is a dangerous sign that our communties and societies are being plagued by anti-life and anti-social individuals... just like skaters and gangsters, nothing but parasites who live off of the accomplishments of the better parts of society.

emo isnt all about cutting yourself. Emo people are people that show a lot of emotion. Just because you have your failures doesnt mean that you can put them all on emos.Gosh people like that need a life. Whats wrong with you.

Fuck u all!!!! There is nothing wronf withemo's
bleh. emo's are hot (:
EMOS ARE FAGGOTS? I dont think so. What about the 80s bands with make up and long hair?  How much tail did bret michaels get? Face it its like a movie I saw where a straight male cheerleader told the stupid football jock when he called him a pussy, "You just dont understand". One day you will.

How EMOs are saving America.

 The EMO scene kids are more into dealing with and expressing their emotions rather than hurting others.  Kids who are more in touch with their emotional side tending to be more, “down to earth”, or “grounded”.  The EMO movement is giving kids a platform, or place to express themselves through their music and fashion.  As a result of the EMO movement it is now becoming in style to speak out and express your emotions.  Examples of this expression are music, fashion, poetry, and art.  The benefits of this type of EMO behavior displayed by kids today are profoundly positive.  I mean would you rather have kids pulling drive bys, doing drugs, or other illegal activities rather figuring out a way to express their frustrations. The world we live in today is extremely materialistic and commercialized, and today’s kids are getting pretty fed up with that.  That’s why the EMOs are increasing in numbers across the world.  As a result of the EMO movement there should be a dramatic decrease in teenage violence because of their new found abilities to express themselves.  This translates into better young adults entering Americas adult Society.


To hell with those who said emo-kids are faggots! Of course they are not. I think they are brave individuals who does not afraid to show their weak sides. I still adore emo boys. they are true

dude, i swear, if any1 els takes th fkin piss outa us im gona punch ur nose through ur face!
omgt would you guys leave emos alone they r hot so wht u guys r just jealous so leave them alone i love them so wht now ass holes
lol. Haters, you are retards. Literally. wow.
lol stuped junguo dian zi gun kai lol

emo kids r cool.....im one.......n not all emos lifes r sad.......etleast we can epress who we are and not hide ina fucking shell and go with the flow.....no we like to stand out an show fuckers liek u that we ain afriad to be us and do what we like......just cuz us r afraid to stand up for wot u belive in dont mean u have to take it out on us......and not all emos moan and slit their writs btw....i dont anyways i scratch myself on the thighs cuz i have long sharp nails and not the itchy scratch the one that leaves marks on ur thighs and stay there.....n u know wot us r fagot u bunch of panzy asses...u know if u didnt know it people would say all u's r emos cuz u all keep whinning about us so shut it.......n u say we moan alot u should try looking at urselves for a minute u bunch of shites.....emos r free-living and dont give a fuck wot u's all say to us......we give a fuck when u take the piss out of us.....we r dead nice so wot do u ahve against us?Well?i'll tell u its cuz us r too afraid to be ur own person and stand out and tell people who control ur lives to fuck or get ta.....so u know wot shut the fuck up .....emoz rule n us r wasting ur breath cuz u cant stop us from being us
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