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Fri, 03 Jun 2005 19:56:28 GMT
RSS Ripoffs

The big news today is about RSS ripoffs. People who republish your content, put ads around them and make money. The company leading this practice seems to be SuperFeedSystem.

I'd just like to add a few things to the conversations.

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LOL, then don't publish a feed!

If you are complaining about feeds being republished with ads around them, you had better start crying to all the search engines too. They don't just use your feeds but they "steal" your content right off your pages, post it to their so called "results" pages and then plaster ads all around them. They make a hell of a lot more money off your content than any webmasters who happen to reuse your feeds.

So it's OK for them to do it... but not web publishers right?

Puh-lease, get real already!

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