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Tue, 31 May 2005 20:51:26 GMT
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I just setup this blog to link the <category>s to Blogdigger searches. Why blogdigger? Cause it responds very quickly and sorts results with most recent first. If I find Blogdigger slows down, then I'll switch the search on the backend to somewhere else. A little incentive for the search vendors to focus on sub-second responses. Basically, I'm redirecting all clicks on the <category> links to...

Where category is the actual category tag. Feel free to be a copycat. I could use the hits ;-) 

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Well Done!,

You should make this a kind of toolbar too so we have the main search engines in reach!.

BTW, comparing the results of the different sources i found blogdigger and plazoo to bring up the best results.
Interesting, i didnt even know Plazoo before, seems to be a new search engine (?)

Feedfinder came up with an error message when typing in just "test"



I think I fixed the error message. If you encounter the problem again, then ping me again.




Type "339":
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