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Mon, 30 May 2005 20:56:04 GMT

I just finished my Blogomatic utility. It's very simple. It polls a feed every hour on the 30 minutes and if the ETag changes, then it pings a bunch of ping servers (extended, basic or HTTP, whichever I determined works best with each ping target). I'm pinging Feedster, Moreover, Yahoo!, Blogdigger, NewsIsFree,, Syndic8, Blogrolling, Technorati, Weblogs and Pubsub. I'm pinging only those that I think are most important. Am I missing anybody important? Why did I do this? A few months back, I converted everything to ping-o-matic, but there's nothing automatic about it. You still have to ping ping-o-matic and it rarely, if ever, completes successfully (it's broken).

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