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Wed, 25 May 2005 14:57:05 GMT
Pluck Works!

Pluck is not my RSS reader of choice. I roll my own thanks! But, my readers have clearly signaled that Pluck Outlook Edition is being downloaded a lot and being used a lot. Most of the new subscribers to this blog are via Pluck. The question is why? The answer is, because it works. I installed it a few times this month to play around with it and this is the RSS reader for the non-techies. The install was easy. I imported my OPML without a problem. It started picking up the feeds. It gave me notifications. It gave me the River of News. It runs inside IE. Easy to subscribe to new feeds. Ya, I have a few gripes, it hangs up the browser momentarily from time to time, especially when I navigate to an XML file, but that's not something my dad or wife would do very often. Pluck works!

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I've never really been able to get hooked on RSS until I started using Pluck!

I think you've highlighted the reason - yes it does work thanks to an interface that keeps everything simple.

My wish for the future would be Pluck for Firefox!

Martin (UK)

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