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Fri, 20 May 2005 12:24:35 GMT
Hello? Anybody out there?

Feedburner is reporting 0 readers today. My ego hurts :-(

Update: Fixed!

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Because........ #directioner
Are you people like obsessed with one direction
lol contiinue this after school? 4pm? #mrs.knight
only one of us #mrs.knight
hello anybody out there #strawberry
yup i'm here strawberry#mrs.knight
Me here too #directioner
anyone else? #mrs.knight
so am i#strawberry
So who watched the One Direction iCarly episode last night. Oh it was so good, but not as exciting because I have seen it before #directioner
Is that random on here again #directioner
@directioner let me count how many F*&ks I give, 1,2,oh wait, they flew away!
#mrs.knight btw
no but i am, am i a random
yes #mrs.knight
make your hashtag name thingie #random so we know itss you who wont abuse us :) #mrs.knight
@Mrs Knight how dare you say that. @Strawberry you're not a random because Mrs Knight and I know who you are so you're not a random #directioner
Who should make the hashtag random. Us or the other person? #directioner
oh thank you Directioner you are not random either #strawberry
I kniw #directioner
*know #directioner
the other#strawberry
i like saying that and the other person should put up the random thing #mrs.knight btw you to are both random
Huh what #directioner
Huh what #directioner
Ok thanks Mrs Knight #directioner
dont worry #mrs.knight
Ohhh #directioner
<3 <3 :) :) #directioner
poster #strawberry
What about the poster #directioner
Sally are you on this blog at the moment?
Yes Simon I am on this blog at the mometn
oh hell no i did not just see sally having a dump#strawberry
You know all the weird ones, that you say is the random. That was me being stupid.
How mean!!
who said that#strawberry
Hi all, I just want to let you all know that this blog maybe be taken soon due to all the swearing and innapropriate writing. Thankyou, The maker of this blog.
oh who is swearing
I don't know. But someone is. I can't tell who is using the blog but I can tell that this is ment to be used for a nice blog.
oh ok i will leave goodbye
whoeve is saying this suff will be in trouble
aaaaaah back from the NZ i see, r u beached as bru? #mrs.knight
No-one call me directioner I hate that name
no you just stupid
FARK them random kids are back again. Aye Jen
oh yeah Melanie
Hey Jen, so what are you doing this weekend?
Does anybody hear me, I don't like the name Directioner.
haveing a threesum how about you?
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