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Sun, 15 May 2005 13:41:14 GMT
Think of the User

Today, I'm returning to chicklet heaven. That is, I'm putting all the subscribe to buttons back on my page. I'm doing this because I've been asked by most of the five big chicklet providers. The fifth, which, by the way, didn't ask, is My MSN. My MSN is clearly losing the chicklet race and I'll tell you why. Pretend you are a naive blogger and you want to place such a chicklet on your page. How do you do it? Here's the steps...

You can't. Because it's actually an image, not escaped HTML. Second, the HTML is invalid. Third, the image src is likely 404. It took me five seconds to realize this and make the appropriate mods to make it work. This isn't true of 95% of the blogosphere :-(

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