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Mon, 09 May 2005 17:57:00 GMT

Another RSS to javascript application, but this one will also splices RSS feeds. This could be very useful. I'll test drive her tonight. Subscribed.


Review: Wow! This really is good. Extremely flexible and easy to use. A sample is shown floating right, which took a couple minutes to produce. You can see the entire configuration of the feed jumble at the link below. No login required. It loads slowly, which is a slight concern.


Update: FeedJumbler is considerably faster now.

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Well, I really should implement some caching. Right now, it refreshes the source feeds every time you access one of the URLs. And this takes some time.

I'll make that one of my priorities ...
Should be a bit faster now, since it caches the JavaScript output for 30 minutes before refreshing the source feeds.

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