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Mon, 09 May 2005 12:06:15 GMT
Yet Another RSS Search Engine

Review: Plazoo is very solid. You can also subscribe to search results, similar to BlogPulse and Feedster. RSS validates. The clear differentiator is the advanced search, of which, Plazoo is far behind the other two. But still very useful.

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Hello Randy,

why do you think the advanced search is so far behind the features of the other mentioned search engines ? I think the features of their advanced search are quite similar in fact. Just they put it in a "search assistant" available when you made your first search. I'd say plazoo handles different languages better than the other, while plazoo doesn't give you the possibility to search by url (which i do not really miss for now)




That's great! Plazoo has feed searches. Any idea if :-Plazoo can do a link search. Who is linking to my blog?
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