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Tue, 03 May 2005 03:53:10 GMT
Reader #s

I've been asked often today to produce a list of the top subscribers to the RSS blog. Remember, that these don't reflect the real distribution, but rather those who express an strong interest in RSS.

  1. Pluck
  2. Bloglines
  3. Firefox Live Bookmarks
  4. NetNewsWire
  5. Feed Demon
  6. Opera RSS reader
  7. News Gator Outlook Edition (add - 3 subs yeah!)
  8. News Gator Online (add - only 2, but for the record)

All other readers report 2 or less subscriptions today. These six readers almost always make up the top six RSS readers for all of the blogs I host or have statistics against.

Update: A reader and Yahoo! employee asked about My Yahoo! which doesn't show up on FeedBurner at all from what I see. I'm investigating. He also noted that Bloglines reports total subscribers, even dormant ones, whereas My Yahoo! reports active subscribers.

Resolution: Turns out I didn't have any My Yahoo! subscribers to the FeedBurner feed. This doesn't mean I didn't have any My Yahoo! subscribers, I had at least two subscribers to my old feed. Bloglines reports 51 additional subscribers to that old feed. I wish I had an easy way of 302ing all the old feed requests to FeedBurner. Suggestions welcomed (C# ASPX, no ISM).

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