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Sat, 30 Apr 2005 04:56:31 GMT

Today, I discovered a new great blogging platform; You can get either a free (w/ ads) or paid account (w/out ads). Their terms specifically allow advertising for both free and paid account. Their stock templates are lacking, but extremely customizable (HTML). The only gaps are the lack of moblogging and API blogging, which really are not a big deal for most bloggers.

I would rank this as one of the best hosted blogging platforms available. Here's my list of top hosted blogging platforms.

  1. MyBlogSite
  2. JournalHome
  3. Friendster Blogs
  4. Typepad
  5. LiveJournal
  6. Blogger (maybe lower)

And my blog can be found here.

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Hey I like that Journal Home site.  Thanks for sharing.
Journal home is great! I still think it's 2nd best, only to MyBlogsite.


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