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Fri, 15 Apr 2005 18:36:09 GMT
DoS on Feed

Looks like there was a DoS attack on my feed from the 10th thru the 12th of April. I didn't even notice until I checked my FeedBurner logs. FeedBurner might have saved me a day of bad response times. 26k hits on the feed on the 11th of April. I wish! Don't know if it was intentional, bad software or what. Investigation begins.

Update: Attack originated from There's a nice Website on that IP address. Which looks like the DEV site for Funny enough, I'm subscribed to their blog. In fact, I was the first subscriber, cause the FeedBurner count moved from 0 to 1 the day I subscribed. The site seems to be registered to Ivan Pope. I sent him an email.

Update II: Ivan replied and is investigating.

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Yes, I Love RSS as well!
Thanks for being first on my Feedburner feed. Actually, it filled me with fear putting a feed counting link on the site, but I summoned up my courage. Someone had to go first, I guess. Thanks for breaking the duck.

Ivan Pope

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