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Mon, 11 Apr 2005 19:10:03 GMT
Trackback Fix!

I was getting so much trackback SPAM that I gave up deleting them until I could figure out a better approach, which I implemented just now. When you trackback to my blogs, I do an HTTP request of the URL and double check that you are actually linking to me. Let's see if things improve.

If this actually works, then the next step is to apply that routine to all previous trackbacks and get rid of all the bad karma Google Juice in my blog comments.

Update: This worked! I encourage others to copy the algorithm.

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It's been about 1/2 day and I've received zero tackback SPAM, after receiving several dozen per day these last few months. Hope this continues.


I get 500-1000 trackback spams per day. Please, please let me know when this is publically available, and I'll happily spread the word on my site and in the blog press (should get you a few thousands new readers):!
What software do you use? I'll try to find a plug-in.


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