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Mon, 11 Apr 2005 01:37:36 GMT
MyBlogSite Review

I spent a good couple of hours working MyBlogSite. The site claims, "MyBlogSite is by far the best blog tool on the net. It’s easy to use for those that need the help. But it has the most comprehensive tool set for web savvy experts." And IMHO, they are correct. In the matter of a few minutes, I was able to configure a blog, which is mostly done by dragging and dropping spaces around a Web Form, but you can also edit the HTML behind these spaces. You can add your own Adsense, remove their Adsense and post using APIs or their WYSIWYG control.

Compared to Blogger. It's a lot more responsive. Like Blogger, it's free. Both are equally very easy to use as compared to most blogging tools. Blogger doesn't support RSS or MetaWeblogApi, whereas MyBlogSite does.

Compared to Typepad. I like to consider Typepad the best achievement in technical blogging platform. Now there's a tie for the lead technical blogging platform.  The tie breaker is that MyBlogSite is free, whereas Typepad is not free. You can get a free version of Typepad thru Friendster, but free friendster blogs are ad supported and although MyBlogSite is also ad supported, the ads can be easily removed.

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Sorry Steve, use to be really great. Now it sucks! They deleted some of my blogs without prior notice. I would avoid them.


To shock you more; I signed up, they deleted my account but informed me of this referring to their terms and conditions. When I asked why because I didn't see it SPELLT OUT in their terms and conditions, here was's response:
If you can't understand that, perhaps you can understand this:

Our service is designed for legitimate users to create their online journals, not for you to consume our bandwidth promoting your dubious - and, I might add, in the United States highly illegal - operations.  Now go back to hanging out with your Antiguan prostitutes or whatever it is you do.

The MyBlogSite Team


I can tell you I do not hang out with prostitutes, I don't even gamble but market online casinos; I don't market sex; since their terms and conditions did not state specifically 'no gambling'; I wanted to know what I had misinterpreted. That was's response. I recently visited blogs on and all I saw in one blog were a lot of semi-naked girls, butts and everything else; so sex is alright with but gaming for winning isn't? Gambling online for US citizens has become (clearly) illegal since November last year but gambling all about the US is considered normal in las Vegas, the lotteries everywhere, the dog races, the horse races is quite normal. What's with all the mixed language anyway?

First of all its the intended sites right to ban any communication they deem offensive. Also, I do not believe that the site e-mail you that response. It says I near the end and not Our. Most companies use our because it gives the reader the feeling that the company stands behind its decision.

I find MyblogSite very good , but can you tell me why I get the message Certificate error , and Warning about opening blog.

I have created an account with My blogsite since Sunday but up till now, I haven't gone to my site because it seems to take 48yrs. to open it! so frustrating... maybe i'll just try Blogger instead.

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