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Fri, 08 Apr 2005 21:03:31 GMT
BlogPulse RSS Search Feeds

Steve Rubel: BlogPulse has launched RSS alerts for blog searches. Taste a sample.

Randy: Feedster's got some competition.

Notes: The feeds from BlogPulse are invalid.

Update: I did a little looking around and BlogPulse has a lot of features that simply don't work. This isn't competition for Feedster, it's more like a compliment to Scott Johnson and his development team.

Update: This service is broken. The RSS views OK in a Web browser, but responds badly when you try to actually use the RSS. For instance, I get no <items>, when I use Web Sniffer.

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I apologize for the mistakes in our new RSS feeds.  Thanks for pointing them out.  They are fixed now.

Natalie Glance, Intelliseek / BlogPulse

Pointing the source URL to the blog URL is invalid (kinda), none-the-less, I like it and I do it.


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