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Thu, 07 Apr 2005 20:40:33 GMT is the most flexible free blogging service in the blogsphere. Problem is that everybody uses it and it's gotten slow as hell. Searching for alternatives, I came across I created a blog in about one minute and was I impressed; customizable down to the HTML level (I can host Adsense) and support for BloggerApi, MetaWeblogApi, USM and much more. Recommended.

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yeah, I can't get your blog to load either. Also I tried to create a blog on their site, and got sent a confirm link that doesn't work
Oops! Myblogsite seems to be having a problem - I started a blog there yesterday and now I can't get it or any other Myblogsite blog to work. Their main homepage wont load either...
Yeah, having same problem for past 3 days. I can post and edit but can't view. Anyone know what is up with them? It's was working great til then. I started mine in April.

Confirmed, seems to have adopted some behaviors.

ERROR:  You have accessed this program via an invalid url:


myblogsite is back up again. TG.
Hey I just started a blog, how do I search and view other people's entries?? :)
Type "339":
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