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Tue, 29 Mar 2005 20:32:01 GMT
Red Blog by AOL

AOL: AOL's RED Service for teens launches RED(TM) blogs, a fully customizable online blogging journal just for teens.

Randy: New blogging services are everywhere.

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hi im new here



hey how du i make @ blog??????
heyy TBS!!! ForeVEr!

HEY wassup????? the red blog is awesome!!!! GREEN DAY ROCKS!

wuts up evryone?!....i just started my red blog and it's awesome~!*
who likes underoath????

wat the?



hello who is this


is any one there


i guess not

im leaving

hey pplz im the one that posted the "wat the?" lol!


hay ello plzz visit my blog its kimi aka wildchild blog...kkk

also u can im me @ or

l8tr alligator...@(^_<)@

hey. I am new here.

Where the heck the my blog go????
I can't find anywhere to get to it.

same here!! where is it??
its up your big hairy ass!!!
mine are gone too!

seeing is belieiving

never back down

go to college and get your education

always have a plan b

do your best

travel around

enjoy your childhood and don't have kids young

always study

get your excersize

don't watch too much tv

spend time with your family

help save the environment

act your age

listen to my advice


i feel strange being here.... O.o lol. does anyone know anything about the new movie the lovely bones. wanna seeeee ittt!! O.O it looks good. :)

i wanna see dat movie 2 but it looks confusing

heelo iz any1 here
it was a great movie if you like suspense :)

I am mad


I am mew this any good





hi, i'm new here too. i love blogging!!!!!!!!!!

hey wats up

this is my first time here

gingle bells



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