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Tue, 29 Mar 2005 16:19:01 GMT
Yahoo 360

Dave Winer: Yahoo 360 shows up, sorta [cut] It's a ghost town with 404's all over for people who weren't invited, the exact wrong thing to do on rollout day. The home page of the site is 404. You know it was somewhat cute when Google did the invite-only thing with Gmail, but you could use it to communicate with people who didn't use it. This software is broken for people who aren't 360 users! And Orkut was invite-only too, and it's as dead as can be now.

Randy: Can only agree with Dave. My experience this morning with 360 wasn't fun. 404. 404! 404!!! Yahoo R&D needs more QA. Please send resumes to Jeremy.

BTW, I'm looking for an invite. Please send one to or Yahoo! Id randymorin. Thanks!

Update: I got my invite from Jeremy. Thanks! Anybody want one?

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Did you notice the 404 problem is fixed?  Randy mentioned it in a few places already.

It's a beta service.  It had some bugs.
I don't buy it. Beta doesn't give you the right to produce crap ;) That said, Yahoo! 360 looks pretty good without this mornings 404s.


Yes, I would love an invite. Professional interest of course. Thanks, Ivan


I saw Yahoo 360 news couple days ago. it did show 404 a lot on that time but not now. I didn't know it's invite-based until I saw this post. may I have an invitation to see Yahoo's idea about blogging? since I was digging into those blog tools and technologies and I like to see what Yahoo can do for bloggers... thanks.

my yahoo id is rextangtw (

I'd love an invite. I currently use, but it's been awful recently. ID: libdex -

I'd love an invite also - yahoo id is mindshaft77 (


I would love an invite. Thank you for the offer

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